The Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest is supported by the Roger M. Jones Memorial Fund established shortly after Professor Jones’ death in 1977, to honor his memory by giving cash prizes to undergraduate students writing poetry within the College of Engineering.

Winners in the Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest are listed below. Click on an individual’s name to read their poems.


First Prize: McKenzie Zauel
Second Prize:  Abigail Puckett
Third Prize:  Claire McDermott
Fourth Prize: Nayri Carman
Honorable Mentions (ranked equally):


First Prize:  McKenzie Zauel 
Second Prize:  Robert Gibbons 
Honorable mentions (ranked equally):


First Prize: Nayri Carman
Second Prize: Daniel Minear
Third Prize: Kaitlyn Moo
Fourth Prize: Kevin Bao 


First Prize: Yan Zhang
Second Prize: Danielle Wisner
Third Prize: Chris Kuenzer
Fourth Prize: Katie Bertcher

Honorable Mention:


First Prize: Rami Farawi
Second Prize: McKenzie Zauel
Third Prize: Mary Haapla
Fourth Prize: Kate Arnson
Fourth Prize: Joshua Cukier

Honorable Mention:


First Prize: Antonina Malyarenko
Second Prize: Kate Yuhas
Second Prize: Mary Haapala
Third Prize: Anna Learis

Honorable Mention:
Allyson Williams
Ryden Lewis
Mackenzie Johnson
Xiao Bin Pan


First Prize: Mary Haapala
Second Prize: Allyson Williams
Third Prize: Caroline Yuhas
Fourth Prize: Antonina Malyarenko
Fourth Prize: Mackenzie Johnson

Honorable Mention:
Alexa Peltier
Jolene Xin Wei Ng
Hannah Cheriyan


First Prize: Elizabeth DeMonte
Second Prize: Antonina Malyarenko
Third Prize: Trebecca McDonald
Fourth Prize: Eric Horst
Fourth Prize: Molly Felner

Honorable Mention:
Paro Sen
Allyson Williams
Kaleb Pifer


First Prize: Hannah Cheriyan
Second Prize: Arthur Ozga
Third Prize: Anitha Menon
Third Prize: Somya Sharma
Fourth Prize: Gregory Azevedo
Fourth Prize: Kelly Edinger

Honorable Mention:
Pooja Desai
Mary Haapala
Lena Sutter


First Prize: Mark Rudolf
First Prize: Lian Zhu
Second Prize: Ian McDonald
Second Prize: Anitha Menon
Third Prize: Anna Jenks
Fourth Prize: Hannah Cheriyan

Honorable Mention:
Emily Cizmas
Cynthia Li
Gisele Papo
Noam Samuel


First Prize: Lian Zhu
First Prize: Jessie Carr
Second Prize: Somya Sharma
Third Prize: Tanya Das
Fourth Prize: Pooja Desai

Honorable Mention:
Catherine Fisher
Cynthia Li
Bryan Sharkey
Liz Spencer


First Prize: Cynthia Li
Second Prize:  Jessie Carr
Second Prize: Mark Rudolf
Third Prize: Kristine Kruppa
Fourth Prize:  Lian Zhu

Honorable Mention:
Adriana Blazeski
Aubrey Parker
Robert Turer